Lexus as the autos of "premium" segment

Lexus Division is producer of "premium" cars which are manufactured by Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation. It was originally provided for market of USA, but now these brand cars are sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

The official month for appearance of this new brand, oriented to the production of luxurious autos is August 1983. At the meeting of Toyota's Board of Directors its head Eiji Toyoda announced the decision about creating an auto of top class, and it should have been the best production of car manufacture. This decision was not spontaneous. In the early 1980-s, the automotive market of sumptuous cars, especially in North America, had a slow but steady growth. Toyota, which had a good level of sales in the United States, could not stay away. According to numerous market researches the leadership of TMS decided to create a really new brand.

On the issue of the brand name there were two opinions: some employees believed that it is necessary to invent a new name to avoid any association with the existing brand "Toyota", which produced generally low-cost models; others were sure that new vehicles should be sold only under the popular name of "Toyota". It should have enhanced the reputation of this brand and to attract more buyers to other company's models. Also different model of cars you can see here.